Why building inspections in Adelaide suburbs like Sheidow Park are essential

Why building inspections in Adelaide suburbs like Sheidow Park are essential

Scrimping on a having a building inspection in Adelaide, particularly in hilly suburbs such as Sheidow Park is just not wise. True or false? I think we can all agree that this statement is true, and that there are better ways to save a dollar. The money you hope to keep in your pocket could ultimately cost you thousands later on.

Adelaide is generally built on a plain, however, many suburbs hug the beautiful hills regions, or the hilly coastal areas of the southern beaches. Sheidow Park, O’Halloran Hill, Trott Park, Hallett Cove and Seaford Rise are examples to name a few. Sloping land on most housing lots is the norm in these areas and because of that, many building and property issues can arise that are easily overlooked by unsuspecting purchasers.

Organising a qualified professional to conduct a comprehensive pre purchase building inspection will go a long way to exposing these potentially costly defects.

Here’s how a building inspection can help Adelaide buyers

A recent client of ours was a single lady buying her first home and the price appeared to be just right. Built in the mid 70’s, this house was the perfect starter with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and appealing raked ceilings throughout the lounge and dining areas.

Even though she had her rose coloured glasses firmly on, common sense prevailed and she engaged us to conduct a thorough pre purchase building and pest inspection during the cooling off period before fully committing to this property.

Sloping land was the cause of two potentially expensive property defects, both of which our client had no idea of. Firstly, new and adequately engineered retaining walls had been constructed to the rear of the property where the ground level was quite steep. Generally this appeared fine, however in the process the landscaping had resulted in the rear right metal sheet boundary fence becoming a retaining wall in itself. The ground level was effectively 3 feet higher than the adjacent property. In time the already slightly leaning fence would totally fall over much to the neighbours’ disgust. Further retaining and fence repairs would be required to prevent this issue with costs of up to $15,000 plus being highly likely from appropriately licensed professionals.

That’s not all…

Secondly, although no rainfall was falling at the time of this building inspection, water marking evidence suggested water was pooling on the concrete carport slab floor adjacent to the two main roof frame timber support posts. Un-retained land to the rear of the open ended carport, as well as a perfectly sloping concrete path was facilitating a 10 foot wide runway of water during times of rainfall through to the carport. As a result, severe rust to the metal stirrup and wet rot decay was causing failure to the major timber support post. Any further deterioration of this post could easily produce catastrophic collapse of the carport roof and a very large bill from a reputable builder. Current pro-active remedial works would still be substantial enough.

Needless to say the client was very grateful for the findings and was now armed with the right information to determine whether the property was a bargain or not!  This example is why a good inspector is worth his weight in gold, as he is able to peel back the layers and find the true story.

What you can do to avoid any property pitfalls…

Protecting property buyers from expensive and even potentially dangerous structural defects is what we do best at Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections.

If you want to be sure about the condition of your new property and need a Pre purchase Building Inspection in Adelaide, contact us today for free no obligation advice 7 days a week on 0451 070 398.