What does a good Building Inspector in Adelaide actually do - Part 1

What does a good Building Inspector in Adelaide actually do – Part 1

In a way, to ask what an Adelaide Building Inspector actually does and what he looks for, is like asking how long is a piece of string. Any house, building or residential property as a whole consists of many components, and a skilful building inspector will do his best to forensically examine all of them to the best of his ability, knowledge and experience. It is an exacting process, and dedicated concentration is required to problem solve a myriad of issues, as building defects manifest themselves in many ways.

Time is the enemy of most Building Inspectors when doing an inspection!

Why you may ask? Well completing a good comprehensive building inspection is quite simply a time consuming process, and some older properties, particularly the more run down, poorly maintained types can take much longer. Although the prospective purchaser is our client, and they naturally have no problems how long an inspector takes, the other parties that could be present at the time, which can include either the vendor or a real estate agent, or both, want you out as soon as possible. This too is understandable, as for the owners the inspection can be quite intrusive, however, most have a good understanding that it is all part of the sales process. They just want it all over and done with.

As far as the agent is concerned, building inspectors may not necessarily be the enemy, but detected building defects can be the instigator of an extra set of issues that need to be worked through and renegotiated with the relevant parties. The results could even mean the sale could fall through, and horror of all horrors, there goes the agent’s commission. Their agenda is to get the inspector in and out with a minimum of time and fuss. This is hardly conducive to a careful, attention to detail house inspection.

Most inspectors usually take 1.5 hours to complete an inspection. This should be the absolute minimum, but we believe that although this may be adequate, when you see what is involved with an inspection when it is done properly, it is only just enough. Depending on the size of a property, two to three hours is a more practical time to accumulate the necessary information required to produce an excellent report.

Needless to say, like many niches within the construction industry, there is your odd cowboy doing up to four building inspections a day!! You do the math…it just doesn’t add up. The only way to accomplish that, when you include the report writing and travel time, is to breeze in and out a property in less than an hour. This is doing the client an injustice and if you can identify this sort of inspector you should take a wide berth at all costs, regardless of any enticing cheap price tags. We always ask our enquiring potential clients, “Do you want a cheap building inspection, or a good inspection, because there is a difference”.

So how do we avoid the enemy…

The best way a good building inspector can set himself up to avoid the “time is the enemy” scenario, is book in no more than two inspections a day, and also let the selling agent know when you are making the appointment time, that you need a minimum of two hours possibly more, and they can organise themselves accordingly. Most times, here in Adelaide at least, they are happy to oblige. It’s really an easy fix so that the paying client can get the best service and overall result.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series when we delve deeper into the mechanics of what is actually done when you engage a good inspector to look over your dream property. Also, check out my article, Building inspection in the Adelaide seaside suburb of Brighton comes up trumps for buyer, and others, to read about real life building inspection scenarios.

If you need a Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Adelaide provided by an independent, qualified inspector who does not allow the pressures of time constraints to reduce the quality of reporting for the clients he values, contact Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections today. You can stake your house on it!