What do you get from a good building inspector in Adelaide

What do you get from a good building inspector in Adelaide

Before knowing what a good building inspector in Adelaide does during an inspection, it is important to also understand what he doesn’t, or rather, is unable to do, due to any limitations that a building and its site may present. To establish a good knowledge of this, an inspector should enter into an agreement with a client, as per the requirements of the current Australian standard, prior to performing any inspection.

This is generally done by issuing the client with what is known as a Pre-Engagement Inspection Agreement to read. This document outlines the purpose and scope of the building inspection, so that both parties are on the same page about what can or can’t be done, to prevent any confusion or disappointment occurring. Every good building inspector wants the expectations of their client satisfied, and if it is possible, exceeded.

Building inspectors are not magicians and they can’t fly!

For example, an inspector cannot be expected to see behind wall linings, under fixed floor coverings, or into rooms and voids where doors are locked, or there is simply no access at all. Another common limitation that should be highlighted to prospective purchasers are height and safety restrictions. This can include situations where it is just too dangerous to get up on and inspect the roof covering of the second level of a two storey house, or when wet weather conditions do not permit a building inspector to safely walk on a tiled, or corrugated steel roof covering to check its condition.

It is also vital that a client understands that when he is getting a pre purchase building inspection, they are not getting an engineering report, a building warranty or an insurance policy against the potential development of any building defects in the future. If they want to get an engineering report or a warranty that’s fine, but get your money out folks! These can potentially cost thousands of dollars, whereas a quality building inspection can cost somewhere between $400 and $600. A big difference, and you will generally get your report the same day.

Valuable information that is worth every cent

What they will get however, is a thorough visual inspection that enables advice to be provided to a prospective purchaser in the form of a written report, regarding the condition of the building and the property within the site boundaries at the time of inspection. This inspection is done in accordance with the requirements of the current Australian Standard governing residential building inspections, and the inspected structure will be compared to a building built in a similar era and of similar construction. This information is extremely valuable to a potential purchaser, and worth every cent, as it arms them with the ability to make an educated decision on whether to buy or move on to other more suitable options.

Once all the cards are on the table and these situations and others have been clarified in the agreement, generally clients can see the logic behind this and are happy to proceed with the requested inspection. To learn more about what you get with a first class building inspection report checkout my article, A building inspection in the southern Adelaide suburb of Trott Park finds suspicious moisture.