Timber Pest (Termite) Inspections

Timber Pest Inspections

Protect yourself with thorough timber pest (termite) inspections

Timber pest (termite) inspections should not be optional. They are a must when buying a new property, simply because insurance companies do not offer cover against termite damage.

This is a fact that is often overlooked by potential home buyers. The mistake of not inspecting for termites is a risk you can’t afford to take – Call Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections today on 0451 070 398 or contact us via email and let our termite specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your new home BEFORE you buy.

Termites can wreak havoc to the timber elements of any property, but fortunately our termite inspectors have years of experience and are experts in the industry. Possessing the latest equipment including thermal imagery and moisture sensors, our professionals can readily identify the presence of any termite activity and other timber related pests such as wood borers. After the inspection is complete, we can call you with a summary of our findings, followed by a fully detailed, written report with high quality photos of any areas of concern.

Termites are more than a mere annoyance, and they can destroy a home in a very short period of time. No home is off limits to these pests and your investment can turn sour incredibly quickly if they find their way in.

So what are the common causes of a termite infestation?

  • Moisture and dampness caused by plumbing leaks, poor drainage and appliance overflows that are not directed away from the building foundations create ideal entry points for termites.
  • Timber, bricks and household goods stored under and hard up against buildings can result in termite entry and major underfloor damage.
  • Paths that are at, and above, the damp proof course can facilitate undetectable termite entry.
  • Garden beds, plantings, soil build up, garden mulch and debris creating moisture against building walls invite termite entry.
  • Close proximity of timber fencing and large trees create possible termite activity.
  • Inadequate sub floor ventilation, blocked vents and weep holes produce stagnant airflow and high moisture readings which promote ideal termite conditions.

These conditions are all too common even around homes that have been prepared for sale. Our timber pest (termite) inspections help you avoid costly termite damage repairs, and are conducted in strict accordance with the Australian Standards AS 4349.3. They include the inspection of all timber components in:

  • The roof cavity and sub floor space looking for signs of wood decay from termites or wood borers.
  • The interior and exterior of the building including the floor boards, skirting boards, timber trims and framing, wooden cladding, decking, pergolas and any other visible timber.
  • All wooden fencing and surrounding trees checking for possible fertile termite nesting areas.

Do your own due diligence. Vendors or their agents may be blissfully unaware that the property they are selling has termite damage or activity, so protect yourself and have a thorough timber pest (termite) inspection conducted for your own peace of mind.

Why not choose the best and most convenient solution when buying a new house and book our Combined Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection. Take advantage of two quality inspectors checking your future property at the same time!

Call the team at Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections on 0451 070 398 – we’re ready to do your inspection now.