The importance of having a pre purchase building inspection prior to buying Adelaide properties

The importance of having a pre purchase building inspection prior to buying Adelaide properties

Obtaining a pre purchase building inspection when searching for and purchasing a new property in Adelaide can make this exciting, but stressful process seem somewhat more bearable. Unbelievably, some would even consider getting this service not worth the trouble or the expense! Go figure. This type of thinking is so wrong it is not even funny.

I don’t have enough time to get a building inspection completed

This thought has probably passed through the mind of many a potential house buyer. Yes, finding the time and organising a reputable building inspector to conduct an inspection, amongst the numerous tasks that are required to own that dream home, can seem like one box too many to be ticked. Not to mention finding the extra money to pay for the report. However, time and again it has been proven to be one of the best investments you could make, as there are a wealth of reasons why it is essential not to forgo this incredibly beneficial service.

Really, it’s as simple as going to google on your mobile and typing in “building inspections Adelaide”, checking out some reviews and making the call. Most companies will accommodate you either the same day or the next, including the receipt of your report. It is not a complicated process and you will be glad you did.

Essential reasons why you should have a building inspection before buying residential property

A new property means a new home, because it is a place where you are sheltering and living with your greatest possessions, your family, friends and loved ones. As a result of this, the safety of the building structure and its components is of paramount importance. Aspects such as the installation of smoke alarms, electrical safety switches and downlight covers, and the integrity of internal and external stairs, handrails, balustrades and balcony structures. Cracked window and shower screen glass, even cracked ceramic toilet pans and basins can pose safety issues.

Also, undulating and raised concrete paths and paved areas can create tripping hazards that only the trained eye will pick up on. The presence and condition of possible asbestos an other hazardous materials is important to identify for the long term well being of all occupants. These situations and many others can put you and your family, as the unsuspecting new owners, at serious risk. A good building inspector will be on the lookout to diligently report on any dangerous circumstances such as these to make sure you are fully aware and ultimately safe.

Detecting major defects to load bearing structural members even in a newly built house

Everyone knows that once your cooling off period expires, or the auctioneers hammer falls with you as the highest bidder, there is no turning back. Like it or not, and we always hope that you do of course, you are the proud owner of a new house. If you haven’t had an inspection carried out already it is just too late. You inherit everything, including the structural defects that could be lurking, and the associated costs to fix them up.

A roof frame that is sagging due to split rafters or poorly strutted underperlins, or new roof trusses with delaminating nail plates can be expensive to repair. Roof coverings that are leaking, downpipes not connected to stormwater, and worse still, no stormwater installed on the site can bring about an additional financial burden that would be totally unexpected. We do many building inspections to properties for new owners who have realised after the fact that there are problems with their home and repairs are required. Our recommendation is that you don’t become one of them. Have an inspection so that you have the option of putting the financial burden for building defects back on the departing vendor.

And now… the number one reason for a building inspection in Adelaide

Possibly the number one reason why you would want to conduct a building inspection is to have the peace of mind that you are not purchasing a lemon, or, as it has been colourfully described on previous occasions, a money pit. After all, for most people buying a home will be the biggest financial investment they will ever make. I doubt whether many potential buyers would climb onto or into the roof, check out under the flooring, or even do something as simple as look in the electrical meter box.

Then… amazingly, people go ahead and sign on the dotted line to lock into a mortgage usually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The logic behind that is almost scary. Knowing the true and actual condition of your dream home prior to making a commitment just makes perfect sense, and is the surefire path to experiencing the element of, peace of mind, which can be so important through this stressful time.

If you are not already convinced, for more reasons why you should get a house inspection, read my article, Why building inspections in Adelaide suburbs like Sheidow Park are essential.

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