Our Process

Our Inspection process

The Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspection team makes it easy to organise your pre-purchase house inspection:

Step 1: Make a Booking

Simply complete our easy Book Now form, or call our team directly on 0451 070 398 to book a next day building inspection. We work with you and can arrange a time that meets your deadlines, operating in all suburbs of Adelaide and its surrounding areas.

Step 2: Inspection Confirmation

We then contact the property agent or the vendor on your behalf to confirm an appointment time and arrange access to the property for inspection.

Step 3: The Inspection

We carry out a thorough inspection of the property inside and outside, looking for major and minor building defects such as leaking roof, structural inadequacies, leaking showers, damp issues, poor external drainage, water hammer and potential safety hazards etc. Important areas including the roof cavity, roof coverings and the subfloor space are comprehensively checked for structural integrity. Attention to detail is paramount here and all our reporting conforms to Australian standards.

Step 4: The Report

Your fully detailed and easy to read report, complete with photos for the quick referencing of any structural or safety issues, will be emailed the same day for your convenience.

Step 5: Contact the Inspector

After receiving and reading your report, we encourage you to call us prior to the purchase of a property to seek complete clarification on any areas of concern our inspection may have identified, particularly where defects might cause safety issues. Although we do not conduct any repair work ourselves, we can suggest appropriate tradesmen or industry professionals who would be able to do this to your satisfaction.