Building Inspections in Adelaide Save Clients Thousands

Building Inspections in Adelaide Save Clients Thousands

Clients getting building inspections in Adelaide have proved many times they receive the confidence and peace of mind they are looking for when making their property buying decisions. In this case, the actual condition of this suburban house was not revealed until we were engaged to conduct a comprehensive building inspection which uncovered a major defect that could not be seen by our unsuspecting client.

The house certainly looked the goods and was prepared brilliantly by the vendor for sale. The big selling points for any home such as the updated bathrooms, a brand new kitchen, new floor coverings throughout and a fully landscaped garden were all in place. The renovation appeared complete and thorough. However, one important thing had been omitted from the to do list….

Fortunately, because our building inspections where possible involve the entering of the subfloor space, when we did so we discovered that the renovation did not include repairs to major structural elements of the house, in particular those which were crucial to the support of the floor and preventing internal walls from collapse. We were amazed at what we found. The footings consisting of brick piers had substantially collapsed, and this left the timber floor floating without support in many areas. To fix a problem like this the house owner could be conservatively up for $20,000 plus.

The bottom line is it would have been a financial nightmare for the new purchaser, but having a detailed building inspection carried out prevented this from happening. Needless to say, our client was very thankful and breathed a sigh of relief that he had the foresight to engage a professional building inspector before committing to this property.

The sad fact is there is a good chance that the person who eventually buys this house may not do the same, and therefore will be completely unaware of the structural issues below the floor. The cost of a building inspection is worth every cent as this example demonstrates, and a smart buyer will ensure it happens.

Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections are available anytime to conduct excellent building inspections Adelaide wide. Our fully qualified and insured inspectors have the experience to provide you with the best report to make your important property decision. All this the same day and within hours of the inspection.

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