Building inspection in the Adelaide seaside suburb of Brighton comes up trumps for buyer

Building inspection in the Adelaide seaside suburb of Brighton comes up trumps for buyer

Every pre purchase building inspection conducted in Adelaide  is unique in its circumstances, and yet…very similar. As building inspectors, we see this sort of scenario happen more often than not. The buyers offer has been accepted and contracts have been signed, how wonderful, everything is going as planned…or is it? Oh no…the cooling off period is ticking away and I need a building inspection. What about the termites? Better make that a building and pest inspection!

It’s all about the building inspection report results

Thank goodness for google. Page one comes up with over a dozen options. On the third call a building inspector is engaged and the inspection can be done the same day. Awesome, what a relief. It’s all about the results of the report now. A lot of the hard decision making has been done, and a certain sense of peace of mind comes from knowing a professional in the building industry is doing something that the average property purchaser generally can’t…..check the structural integrity of the dwelling to ensure there are no expensive repair surprises awaiting the unsuspecting buyer.

With this inspection, our client had selected a property in a very tidy street in the southern seaside suburb of Brighton. This is a popular tightly held area of Adelaide, and like many established suburbs, it is a combination of old and newly constructed houses. This one however was from the older era and was built in the late 1950’s.

It’s a no brainer to have a building inspection conducted on older homes

Whether the prospective property is old or new, a building and pest inspection should always be carried out prior to purchase, but even more so with a property of this age. Built with besser blocks painted on the exterior on concrete strip footings with timber floors, this house presented very honestly with no nasty surprises. Solidly constructed, foundation settlement was very minimal and this was reflected with just some minor cracking to the right elevation. This cracking was mainly along the mortar line which is very typical of besser block constructions.

When settlement movement is negligible within a building, it is usually because of good site drainage that is either naturally occurring, or by good design and installation of paths, drains and stormwater. In this case it was more of the former as the downpipes were not connected to stormwater.

However good concrete paving sloping away from the building right around the perimeter of the dwelling has helped to maintain the footing subsoils at a stable moisture content and prevent unequal subsoil movement. It also diverts surface water and seepage away from the house and its foundations. Our recommendation was that stormwater should be installed to the property and the downpipes connected to it which will also enhance the sites excellent natural drainage properties and prevent conditions conducive to the attraction of termites.

Minimal footing movement combined with adequate subfloor ventilation has resulted in the original timber flooring being quite level and generally in good condition. A real positive for a building of this vintage. One detail worth mentioning was the state of the original concrete tile roof covering which was found to be in fair condition considering its age.

However, some efflorescence was noted to the underside of the roof tiles within the roof void. This is when a white powdery deposit forms on the surface of concrete materials. This is caused by crystallisation and subsequent dehydration of soluble salts contained in the concrete tiles. This is because when tiles are aged they can lose their glaze and subsequently become slightly porous and absorb some moisture after consistent periods of rainfall. When this is the case we recommend monitoring the underside of the tiles within the roof space after heavy rainfall to ensure excessive moisture ingress is not occurring. If it is, serious consideration should be given to re-spraying of the roof surface to prevent this issue and any future associated problems such as roof sag and undulation.

Overall this property came up trumps and was very typical of a house built in the 50’s that has been reasonably well maintained.

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