Adelaide building inspections should be made compulsory for new home purchasers

Adelaide building inspections should be made compulsory for new home purchasers

In today’s example, we can clearly demonstrate why Adelaide building inspections are not only recommended, but indeed should be made by law a compulsory inclusion to every property buyers must do list. Okay, so we are qualified building inspectors, and we may have a very biased point of view when it comes to our product. And sure, we might stand to benefit if every home buyer was forced to utilise our services, but the facts speak for themselves. It would not be an exaggeration to say, that more money gets saved by the results of a building inspection, than the money that gets spent purchasing this valuable service!

Consider this simple thought that makes sense…

Is it not the purpose of Adelaide building inspections to provide the client with a report informing them of the actual, and true condition of their potential new property? Even on the surface of it, most people would admit that this knowledge alone ranks as highly as anything a purchaser is supposed to know and understand throughout the buying process. Our clients are happy to pay for this knowledge because it equates to some peace of mind, and potentially, money that they could save by not paying for unexpected repair costs after committing to the property.

Let’s have a look at how much a recent client could have saved armed with our report.

Built in 1983, and nestled within the tidy southern suburb of Woodcroft, if every house we inspected was like this one, our job would be so much easier, as this property, compared to others of similar age was actually in very good condition. Despite this, we were still kept busy with a number of issues. One of the most important components of any building is its roof covering, and the concrete tiles presented in fair, to almost good condition. However, every roof frame is subject to some kind of settlement. Add to that the occasional earth tremor which Adelaide is susceptible to from time to time, and this can cause the mortar beds to the ridge and hip capping tiles to crack and become loose in areas, particularly the lower parts of the hip sections.

What does this mean for our client? It means paying out the potential cost of hiring a professional roof tiler in the future to re-bed and point the capping tiles in question, as ignoring this defect could result in water penetration from rainfall that could cause decay to internal roof framing members. Does this mean our client has saved some money, not exactly, but at least they are aware of this issue, and can factor it into their budget to maintain their new home and ensure it maintains its value going forward? Or… a price re-negotiation is also a possibility to compensate for the repairs, and this is where our client can literally save money. Either way, this issue will not be a surprise at a later date, and the best case scenario is that our client has kept money in his pocket after a re-negotiation of price, may be to the tune of $300 to $400.

Moving inside, splitting to the ceiling lining joins and loose cornice within a number of rooms can also lead to an invoice from a qualified plasterer who is able to do the quality job required to prevent further deterioration. This can easily again total $300 to $400. Binding doors within the bathroom and the laundry means a visit from a carpenter to provide the expertise to ensure they are adjusted for smooth operation. You won’t get much change out of $200 for this pleasure.

Continuing on into the wet areas, we uncovered leaking taps within the laundry and shower, some cracked floor tiles, and high moisture readings within the shower recess indicating the need to remove the grout from the wall joints, and replace it with flexible sealant. The total cost for engaging a licensed plumber and professional tiler to remedy these minor, but important defects, could have you coughing up conservatively well over $1000.

As you can see, the dollars can add up quite quickly, and this house has generally been well looked after and maintained over the years. Without a comprehensive pre purchase building inspection our Adelaide client would not have the opportunity to obtain a discount through re-negotiation of the sale price. What will you do when you next buy that home you have always dreamed of?