A building inspection in the large Adelaide suburb of Morphett Vale puts a smile on our face

A building inspection in the large Adelaide suburb of Morphett Vale puts a smile on our face

We do many building inspections in Adelaide on a weekly basis, and a lot of our clients use us for the second and even third time until they find the right property. This frequency of building inspections occurs for a reason, and it puts a smile on our face when the client finally finds a house and property that is just right for them.

Keep looking until you find the right one, until you are comfortable and you know in your heart of hearts that it feels right. It’s not about the agent, even if you have signed off on contracts you can walk away at any time without giving a reason if it is within the cooling off period. That is your legal right. The cooling off period is fairly tight in South Australia, a real bug bear of mine and I would love to see it changed, you only have 2 business days. Victoria is 3 days, NSW and QLD is 5 days.

Get your building inspection done to help you make a decision

When a building inspector is engaged to conduct a building inspection on a property, he has a very specific job to do. He is acting for the purchaser and no one else. With all emotion set aside, completely opposite to the client as a prospective purchaser, he is there to identify major defects to the loadbearing components of the building, minor defects to non-loadbearing components and finishing elements, and any safety issues that may be present.

The results of this inspection, depending on what they are, could mean the client may lose confidence in the property and decide to walk away from the deal….

You know what…that is perfectly fine. A building inspection is designed to do exactly that, guide a client in the right direction….to the right property. This was how client felt when we provided him with his second and final inspection on his journey to locate the perfect property for his needs. Our job as pre purchase building inspectors can be very satisfying when this is the case. We are not looking for thanks, but we appreciate a happy customer.

The grand old lady gets a new lease of life

So who is the grand old lady you ask…..?

She is the faithful house that has been standing solidly in one of Adelaides largest suburbs, Morphett Vale since 1967. Like I have said before, we do many inspections, but not all are necessarily enjoyable to do. This one however, was a pleasure to inspect. She just presented so honestly and generally performed as a house that was very typical of that kind of construction and age era.

Including an extension of additional living areas and a pergola that were of good construction quality and building practices, this north – south facing property had much to offer. The grand old lady was just looking for one more lease of life, something a caring new owner with energy would be able to offer.

As good as she was, some cracking can be expected in a building of this type of construction, double brick with concrete strip footings. Sure enough, we found that some movement had taken place to the left corner of the front elevation. It appeared that the footings had dropped slightly causing some stepped cracking through the mortar joints to the left elevation by this corner. Any cracking that follows the mortar line and not right through the bricks is a better scenario and not as severe. This cracking was mostly less than 5mm in width and entirely repairable.

Another positive was that the external cracking reflected only in a very small way to the adjacent internal walls, however the expected consequence of any cracking is really unknown until further information is obtained. Therefore we always recommend a qualified structural engineer / licensed builder be called to provide a further evaluation before conducting suitable rectification and repairs. The old lady can breathe again as her walls can be returned to their former glory.

If you need a pre purchase building inspection anywhere in Adelaide so you can be steered in the right direction when seeking your dream property, call Buy Spect Adelaide House Inspections on 0451 070 398 anytime.